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1. Working with small-scale works

The size of the work is a relative concept and therefore not conclusive about the complexity of the required technical measurements. The work of the small-scale work relates to asbestos-cement materials, eg. eternity cover or facade with surface less than 50 m2. They are conducted in an open space (removal or impregnation).

The same surface for soft materials should be classified as a wide range of works. They require compliance with stringent demands on minimizing dust.
While working with a small-scale works it is recommended to use portable plastic tents defining the work zone. Personal protective equipment are: disposable protective clothes for employees (one-piece with hood) or respirator with replaceable filters Class P-3. Poor condition of asbestos products and the related possibility large dust emissions could prejudge the use of more effective protection, eg. a full mask with air supply or change the technical work to safer. When working with asbestos-cement materials it do not need to be performed in hermetically work area (unless the nature of the work and the condition of asbestos-cement pose a threat greater emissions). When working with small soft materials eg. replacing valves, pipe repair, we need to moisten them with impregnating agents or introduce binding solutions to the interior of the removing product. Disassembly can begin when the material is effectively wetted deep penetrating liquids or water with a binding asbestos fibers. Afterwards it takes up to 24 hours to be able to continue the work after the removal of heat insulation or showers. The time to start work after use these fluids can be up to 24 hours when you are removeing of heat insulation or douche. To encapsulate the work area, it is helpful to use special plastic bags with built-in gloves. To the bag which surrounds removing material, put needed equipment. The bag is sealed and fasten the insulation around the pipe. Then made by appropriate manipulation of the gloves inside the bag. Waste is collected in a bag and after it is removed from the bag tools it should be closed tightly.

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